Smoke And A Pancake


What does Smoke And A Pancake mean?

The term smoke and a pancake comes from the 2002 American spy-comedy movie called Austin Powers in Goldmember.

It is an idiomatic expression, used as an analogy for smoking marijuana and experiencing a strong feeling of appetite and hunger, also known as “munchies”.

The term builds on the stereotype of Dutch people smoking weed and having sweet snacks afterwards.


What's the origin of Smoke And A Pancake?

Austin Powers in Goldmember was released in 2002, as the third movie in the Austin Powers film series.

The four major characters were all portrayed by actor Mike Myers.

During the movie, Goldmember offers Austin Powers a smoke and a pancake. Austin does not understand the offer and asks Goldmember to clarify what that means. After that, Goldmember lists a couple of similar phrases such as: “cigar and a waffle”, “bong and a blintz.”

Spread & Usage

How did Smoke And A Pancake spread?

After the 20002 debut of the movie the term smoke and a pancake went viral. Mainly, you can run into this term on the picture cut out of the actual scene, where Goldmember offers Austin the smoke and the pancake.

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