What does Snacc mean?

A Snacc is an endearing term you call someone who looks really nice or hot.

He or she is a Snacc because they look delicious like a snack and you just want to eat them up.

It is often used about a person you would like to have sex with, and mostly used about women.

It’s someone that you would like to have in your mouth – sexually.

Snacc attacc


What's the origin of Snacc?

The grammatically correct version of the term is obviously “snack”, but it was first written with two “c”-s in 2009, misspelled deliberately.

It is spelled this way to resemble the way other black slang words, such as “phat”, “thicc” and “succ” are written, among other.

Although first used in 2009, it only really took off in 2017.

Spread & Usage

How did Snacc spread?

The term is mainly used online when commenting on images of hot girls on social media platforms, or when mentioning your girlfriend or crush.

It also turned into meme material, sometimes used in a non-sexual manner, featuring pets asking for a Snacc.

This way of deliberately misspelling words is usually attributed to words that already have “-ck” endings, to add extra strength to the word.

External resources

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