What does Spinner mean?

A spinner is a word, with multiple uses and meanings, all depending on the context.

Its definition may wary from a fishing lure to a “spin doctor” (someone who presents information about events with a political bias) to a petite girl, who is so small in size, that she can be taken and spun around on a penis while having sex.

The term describes things, that are performing a rapid, revolving motion, be it around the rims of a car, a political viewpoint or a phallus.


What's the origin of Spinner?

The word “spinner” was first recorded in English during the 13th-14th century, deriving from the word spider, to describe a person, whose job is to spin textile threads.

The term had gained multiple different slang meanings over the centuries, to describe things and professions, related to spinning around something.

Spread & Usage

How did Spinner spread?

The modern slang terms of “spinner” have been in use since the 1990’s, including the one for the shiny rims or the chicks that can be twisted around a dick, like a weathercock.

Urban Dictionary has a great variety of definitions on the expression since 2003.

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