What does Sploshing mean?

Sploshing is an onomatopoetic word for when something drops into the water and gives out a splashing sound.

Alternatively, sploshing may be used to convey several meanings, from making a woman sexually aroused to executing someone in a bloody manner, resulting in the scarlet body fluid splattering everywhere.

The most common use, though is still in situations, when one talks about a body falling into water.v


What's the origin of Sploshing?

The term was first documented in 1889, as a New England variant of splash.

It is an imitative word, perhaps adopted from the expression splish-splosh, utilized when imitating the sound of feet, rushing through a wet street.

Spread & Usage

How did Sploshing spread?

“Sploshing” is a term that is often overlooked in the favor of its synonyms, like splash, splish or sploosh.

Urban Dictionary has two entries on the subject, dating back to 2010, however both is describing the meaning of the term differently, one identifying it as a slang term for tea, while the other calls it a word for an extra professional shanking that results in a lot of blood and pain.

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