What does Spooktober mean?

Spooktober is a popular way to refer to the month of October, during which the Halloween festivities are held, when people masquerade as various mysterious, malevolent beings.

During the last century, companies and media platforms started to use this period to present content, centered around the theme of fear and horror.

In the early days of the 2010’s people started to merge the words “spooky” and “October” creating the portmanteau “Spooktober”.

Spooktober has begun.  I’m pumped.


What's the origin of Spooktober?

It is undetermined, who came up first with the portmanteau, but the term surfaced shortly after the Disney Channel aired horror themed content during October in the late 2000’s.

The channel referred to this period as Hauntober.

Since at least 2012, people have been referring to this program of the Disney Channel as Spooktober, in various tweets and posts on the web.

Spread & Usage

How did Spooktober spread?

After this, several YouTubers started to upload videos, titled Spooktober, with various content, from gaming to funny clip mashups.

Reddit had also started to be more and more swarmed by memes and image macros, related to the term in title.

Spooktober had taken over the internet, and thus it is more than likely to stay with us for a longer while, without being forgotten.

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