Star-crossed lovers


What does Star-crossed lovers mean?

The expression star-crossed lovers refers to a romantic couple whose relationship appears to be doomed before it even begun.

The lovebirds aren’t supposed to be together, be it by social standards or practical reasons – it’s not meant to be. However, they won’t give up and they will keep fighting for their right to be together.

It is called “star-crossed” because it appears that the stars and the universe is actively working against their love. It also refers to fate and destiny that their paths were to cross.


What's the origin of Star-crossed lovers?

“Star-crossed” by itself means “unlucky” or “not favoured by the stars”. It is a reference to astrology – the belief that the stars and planets control our lives.

The expression originates from Shakespeare’s most known work “Romeo and Juliet”, from 1592.

It is mentioned in the particular line “From forth the fatal loins of these two foes, / a pair of star-cross’d lovers, take their life.”

Spread & Usage

How did Star-crossed lovers spread?

The phrase is time and again seen in literature and movies, particularly in romantic dramas.

A pop-culture reference is “Jack” and “Rose” from Titanic. They were never meant to be together because of their different financial classes, which back in those days were completely unacceptable. Yet they chose to stay together – ultimately leading to “Jack”s death.

In 1969, Neil Sedaka released his song “Star-Crossed Lovers”, making it as the number 1 hit on Australian charts.

Many decades later, in 2016, drama film “Star Crossed Lovers” was released, a modern movie remake of Shakespeare’s work.

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