Sugar Mama


What does Sugar Mama mean?

Sugar mama is the female form of the controversial phenomenon; sugar daddy.

Both sugar daddy and sugar mama are older people of wealth, who are providing financial support, stability or just general payment to younger men or women for their companionship or sexual relationship.

Both is a well-known occurrence in our money-crazed society.


What's the origin of Sugar Mama?

Sugar mama is the modified version of the original phrase; sugar daddy, changed to fit a woman.

The first appearance of the expression “sugar daddy” appears in the 19th century, when sugar magnate Adolph Spreckels had married a woman, who was 24 years younger than him.

His spouse came up with the nickname, calling Adolph sugar daddy.

Spread & Usage

How did Sugar Mama spread?

The term sugar mama had become well known, thanks to the phenomena of older women paying for the love of younger men.

In an era of divorce, rich cougars are present everywhere, waiting for their unsuspecting prey to be caught and pampered with their wealth.

Sugar mama had embedded itself further into popular culture, thanks to the contribution of music, as there are several songs named after these generous, loving females.

The most notable of these are from Beyoncé, Led Zeppelin as well as John Lee Hooker.

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