Swamp Donkey


What does Swamp Donkey mean?

Swamp donkey is a derogatory term used to describe a lonely, fat, woman in the club.

The textbook example of a “swamp donkey” stands alone in the club, with clothes that are bringing out their negative qualities. They are notorious for being surrounded with a strong cloud of cologne, that lures unsuspecting drunkards to the lair of the “swamp donkey.”

If the drunkard doesn’t use protection that night, it is highly likely, they will be mates with the woman for at least eighteen years.


What's the origin of Swamp Donkey?

The term “swamp donkey” is used to describe the quality of smells and sounds associated with the women in question.

It is unknown, when and where the phrase was invented, though it was most likely in use for several decades as of 7th July, 2020.

Spread & Usage

How did Swamp Donkey spread?

Urban Dictionary has multiple definitions written on the subject, since 2003, informing the internet folk of the meaning behind this mean way of addressing someone.

“Swamp donkey” even made it to YouTube through the channel Cherdleys2, when they uploaded a video in 2019, titled “When ur girl kinda looks like a swamp donkey…”

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