Talk to Me Goose


What does Talk to Me Goose mean?

Talk to me Goose refers to a memorable quote from the 1986 action-drama Top Gun, uttered by Maverick.

Another popular line originating from the same film is Negative Ghost Rider.


What's the origin of Talk to Me Goose?

Top Gun premiered in the United States on May 12th, 1986.

The movie features Maverick and his co-pilot, Goose (portrayed by Tom Cruise and Anthony Edwards respectively) in several situations, where the pilot relies on his co-pilot and expresses his trust by saying the line “Talk to me Goose”.

However, during the film, they get into an accident during a training exercise, which results in Maverick shying away from danger from then on.

During the final scenes of the film, Maverick is exposed to yet another dangerous situation where he has to choose between fleeing of mustering his courage to step up.

It is here he says “Talk to me Goose” in the iconic setting.

Spread & Usage

How did Talk to Me Goose spread?

Due to the great success of the film, the line “Talk to me Goose” became a widely referenced quote, uttered in various situations, where the speaker insists for an answer.

A scene featuring the quote was uploaded to YouTube by Nick Black on October 24th, 2011, under the title “Maverick’s Reëngaging, sir!”.

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