Ten Toes Down


What does Ten Toes Down mean?

If you hear someone say they have their Ten Toes Down, it means they are really dedicated to something, and devote all their time, energy and support.

The meaning of “Ten Toes Down” is actually way more complex, and deep than just that. If a person has their “Ten Toes Down”, they are about humility, toughness, and integrity.


What's the origin of Ten Toes Down?

The exact origin of the term can’t be pinpointed, but this is an expression that is quite inescapable, to say the least.

“Ten Toes Down” is a term that has beyond cultural boundaries and people relate to it. That is why it has been around for so long already.

Although it is mostly used in the rap and hip hop culture.

Spread & Usage

How did Ten Toes Down spread?

As it has been mentioned already, the expression is mainly used in rap and hip hop culture, such as the famous rap album called Ten Toes Down by the hip hop duo 8Ball and MJG.

The expression also got more recognition online, when the “Ten Toes Down” challenge trended..

On Youtube a user going by the name Caleb Hagos uploaded a video titled “Top 10 Ten Toes Down Challenge! #tentoesdownin 2017. The video currently has over 9 million views.

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