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What does Trap House mean?

A Trap House is typically an abandoned or vacant house or apartment where drug dealers and drug users buy, sell, produce, and use illegal drugs, especially crack cocaine. It is also a place where people often go to gamble or drink alcohol. The term “Trap House” is derived from the fact that drug dealers often use them as a place to “trap” their customers by selling them drugs at a high price and then keeping them there until they have used all of their money.

The theme is often reoccurring in hip-hop and trap music, which are genres of music that are heavily influenced by the conditions of the “Trap Houses”. Many of the lyrics in these songs speak about the dangers associated with being involved in illicit activities at these places. These lyrics also portray a certain level of pride in being able to make money despite such dangerous circumstances.

The term “Trap House” has been used in the lyrics of many songs, including the debut album of Gucci Mane, titled “Trap House” featuring artists like Rick Ross, and Young Jeezy. The word “trap” is also often used to refer to the Atlanta music scene, which is known for its trap music.

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What's the origin of Trap House?

The origin of the “Trap Houses” can be traced back to the 1980s, when public services and forces were withdrawn from inner-city neighborhoods, causing them to further deteriorate. This led to an increase in homeless shelters, rehabilitation centers, and public housing complexes located in these areas. The use of illicit substances provided people with a momentary escape from their harsh environment, resulting in an increase in illegal drug trade and the formation of “Trap Houses”.

“Trap house” is also a genre of hip-hop, trap and rap music that originated in the Southern United States, particularly in Atlanta. It is characterized by lyrics that describe the hard life being lived in the inner-city streets and the hustle of selling drugs. Trap music is often associated with what is referred to as “the trap”, a term used to describe a place where drugs are sold.

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How did Trap House spread?

“Trap houses” have become a defining part of blighted neighborhoods across the United States, as well as the United Kingdom and many other countries across the globe. Local residents often try to take matters into their own hands by destroying or burning these structures down.

However, “Trap Houses” have also gained a certain level of notoriety due to their association with the rap and hip-hop music scenes.

“Trap houses” are often mentioned in songs and music videos, with some artists even releasing entire albums dedicated to the topic, such as the debut album of Gucci Mane, “Trap House”, released in 2005.

Since then, the music scene in the Southern United States has produced a wide array of portrayals of “Trap Houses” and their influence on neighborhoods.


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