Trout Pout


What does Trout Pout mean?

Trout pout is a popular slang expression, originating from the United Kingdom and popularized on the web, referring to the excessively large lips of women, who have overdone the Kylie Jenner Challenge or who think Lipstick on a Pig is a cure for a bad case of Mud Duck.

Despite this, “Trout pout” is mostly seen on women who have undergone multiple plastic surgeries, inserting collagen into their lips, enlarging them disproportionately.


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What's the origin of Trout Pout?

Although the exact origin of the phrase is not known, it started appearing in the slang expressions of the United Kingdom during the 1980’s, slowly establishing a presence until the turn of the millennium.

The introduction of the internet has led to a slow increase in its uses in the 1990’s, however, it didn’t take off until the arrival of the year 2000.

Spread & Usage

How did Trout Pout spread?

“Trout pout” was first defined on Urban Dictionary on April 18th, 2003, with numerous entries to follow in the subsequent years.

The expression’s popularity spiked in 2012, when social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram kickstarted a massive trend of selfies and social media addiction, resulting in countless unflattering images being uploaded around that time.

This resulted in articles, blog posts and social media posts addressing the phenomenon, known as “Trout pout”.

During the 2010’s, the expression was gaining ground steadily, thanks to the incentives of celebrities resorting to plastic surgeries to enhance their looks.

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