Trust Fund Baby


What does Trust Fund Baby mean?

Trust fund baby is an expression similar to “born with a silver spoon in your mouth” reflecting on the easy going life of people, who were born into wealth.

“Trust fund baby” states that the person had a trust fund established when he or she was a child and so he or she never has to work.

The expression is mostly used in a pejorative way, stating that a person like the above never lived through hardships and doesn’t known how to fight for their goals.


What's the origin of Trust Fund Baby?

The exact origin of the expression is unknown, although it started emerging in the 1980’s, with the popularity of trust funds soaring among parents who wanted to provide a comfortable future for their children.

Over the years, “trust fund baby” shifted in meaning to someone who does nothing and only leeches off of the back of their parents.

Spread & Usage

How did Trust Fund Baby spread?

The expression grew to be a popular phrase, critiquing the easygoing and eccentric lifestyle many millennials and gen Z kids lead.

“Trust fund baby” was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2003.

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