What does Turd mean?

Turd is a well-known word and insult, recognized by every person, that speaks the English language at an intermediate level.

The word is referring to a literal piece of shit; a solid drop of excrement.

This led to the embrace of the term as an insult somewhere in the long past.

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What's the origin of Turd?

Turd is a Germanic word, coming from the earlier days of the English language, with several modern day cousins still present in other Germanic languages, from German to Norwegian to Dutch.

Its first written case comes from the 1250 poem; The Owl and the Nightingale.

Spread & Usage

How did Turd spread?

The iconic term got adopted as an insult during the 15th century, shortly before the Age of Discovery, which period had led the British Empire to its golden age.

This era had taken the English language to each corner of the world, and with it went the term in question, the one that is heard and recognized from New York to London to Sydney.

Following the 1950โ€™s the usage of the word had rose significantly, that could be also comprehended as a predictable rise, since the movie industry utilizes the phrase with eagerness.

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