What does Twatwaffle mean?

Twatwaffle refers to a person, that is an absolute idiot.

A prime example of these people are the guys, who are talking bullshit all the time in the party and think, there is a single person, that is believing them, while most of the listeners’ brains are switched off, in order to avoid the influence of white lies on their brains.

The term may also be used to refer to an overused female genital, that is so shriveled up, that is looks like a saggy waffle.


What's the origin of Twatwaffle?

“Twatwaffle” is formed through the combination of rhymes, while also taking inspiration from the aforementioned soft, floppy waffles, that everyone puts into their mouths with reluctance.

Like most of these underground terms found on the internet, the initial use of this one is also borderline impossible to determine.

An earlier instance of the expression was found in a Google group, called “alt.politics.kerry” in a 2004 discussion, titled “FOX NEWS-Bitch Slapped by Brits.”

Spread & Usage

How did Twatwaffle spread?

Of course, as it is with these online slang terms, the main contributor to its spread was Urban Dictionary, where several entries have accumulated on the subject since the initial definition from 2003.

The humorous and sly nature of the expression made it spread both into online and live conversations, across the world.

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