Wade Boggs Challenge


What does Wade Boggs Challenge mean?

The Wade Boggs Challenge is the marathon equivalent of a beer drinking challenge.

The challenge is based of deceased professional baseball player Wade Boggs, who allegedly pulled of the challenge alone.

It is rumored that he finished around 70 cans of beer.

Ever since, it became known as the “Wade Boggs Challenge”, eliminating 2 cases AKA 70 cans of beers, and a whole rotisserie chicken at the end, within a 24 hour period.

Many friend groups have undertaken the challenge, and just as many has failed, as it is not only nearly impossible to complete it, but even dangerous.


What's the origin of Wade Boggs Challenge?

Wade Boggs was the first one who assumably manage to drink the 70 beers and evoked the challenge, but the first ones to actually indulge in the challenge was the characters from “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”.

In the episode “The Gang Beats Boggs”, the group attempts to drink 70 beers during a cross-country flight. Only characters “Charlie” and “Dee” succeed.

Spread & Usage

How did Wade Boggs Challenge spread?

Many have tried to complete the challenge but there is no evidence that anyone has succeeded since Wade Boggs.

One man was praised online in 2018 for being amazingly close, finishing 50 beers by himself.

His name is TJ, and on the 8th of April, 2018, he shared a tweet under the username @MoreschiJ that he failed the “Wade Boggs Challenge”, only drank 50.

The accomplishment gained huge fame, particularly amongst “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” fans, and even Glenn Howerton, the actor of character “Dennis” from the show congratulated him, commenting “You did more than enough, TJ”.

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