Wake and Bake


What does Wake and Bake mean?

Wake and bake is stoner slang for blazing up the herb, right after waking up in the morning, before starting work, eating breakfast or even getting out of bed at all.

It may be combined with drinking a good cup of coffee, which is referred to as a “hippy speedball.”


What's the origin of Wake and Bake?

While the practice has been in place for a while, the act of consuming cannabis in the morning was not named, until the 90’s.

The phrase appeared, after the term baking was associated with getting stoned.

“Wake and bake” is a most adequate name for the practice, as it is brief, self-explanatory and even rhyming.

Spread & Usage

How did Wake and Bake spread?

The expression is appearing in several stoner films, including Redman and Method Man’s How High, as well as the 2017 motion picture, that is called “Wake and Bake.”

The phrase was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2003, with a couple other entries being uploaded since then.

Waking and baking is a practice, that is getting more and more popular and recognized, as marijuana is getting legalized in countries and states across the world, though some perceive it as an indicator for addiction, similar to drinking alcohol in the morning.

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