Wave check


What does Wave check mean?

A “wave check” is to slide your hand over someone’s hair, usually the rougher hair of an African-American, to check the development of their “waves”.

The waves is a type of hair style, when you form your hair into sequences, creating a bumpy, “wavey” feeling when you slide your hand over it.

This hairstyle is enhanced with a “du rag”, also called a “wave scarf”, that people will wrap around their hair to create the freshest waves.

The wave hairstyle and the du rag is most often worn by black people who have the right hair-type to get good results.


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What's the origin of Wave check?

While it seems like the sudden hair trend hit the world out of nowhere, it is actually a huge marketing campaign by “Great Clips”, a hair salon franchise.

Great Clips have created memes that have gone viral and paid famous people to get the hair style.

Seeing the sudden, “out of the blue” popularity of the hairstyle in 2019, the campaign seems to be a success.

Spread & Usage

How did Wave check spread?

Besides the numerous memes where people have pasted a “wave wig” on various characters, other businesses decided to throw themselves into the wave… pun intended.

The hair product and accessory distributor “360WaveProgress” has started an internet challenge involving people unwrapping their du rags and showing their waves on video.

Overall, wave check is an unwrapping of a unique hair style and a successful marketing campaign.

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