What does Wedgie mean?

A Wedgie refers to the act of pulling someone’s ​underwear up forcefully, resulting in the garment ⁢getting wedged between their buttocks. Alternatively, it may also refer to an involuntary occurrence of underwear or pants sliding up between the Buttox.

This ⁣prank is often carried out as a practical joke ‍or as a means of teasing and embarrassing someone, and it is one of the most widely known act associated with bullying. Although some people perfor it in a light-hearted and friendly manner, others use it as a tool for humiliations, while it is also liable to cause serious physical harm as well.

Example: Imagine you’re innocently walking down the hallway when suddenly, a mischievous friend sneaks up behind you and swiftly delivers a ⁢wedgie, causing your underwear to hitch up in an uncomfortably high position. The shock and⁣ humiliation followed by the desperate struggle to free yourself will undoubtedly leave you red-faced and your friend laughing uncontrollably.

Now thats a wedgie


What's the origin of Wedgie?

The exact origins of the “Wedgie” are unknown, but⁢ the⁣ practice is claimed to date back to at least the 1930s. It is believed to‌ have originated in schools as a way for older students to assert dominance over younger ones, although the name “Wedgie” was give to this act of bullying in the 1970s.

The word itself most likely derived from the term “wedge”, and was likely popularized in the 1960s by the wedge-heeled shoes.

Over time, the term‍ “Wedgie” emerged as a descriptive name for this form of humiliation, likely derived from the way the pulled-up underwear resembled ‍a wedge shape between the buttocks.

Another supposed origin story for “Wedgie” claims, that it comes from Cornell University, where a Merlin (or Marvel) Wedgie was saved from falling out a window by his friend, who pulled him back using his underwear.

Spread & Usage

How did Wedgie spread?

The “Wedgie” prank ⁤has spread widely throughout popular culture. It is commonly depicted in movies,​ television shows, and books, often as a source of comedy. The ubiquity‌ of ⁤the practice can be attributed ⁢to its ability to evoke both hilarity and embarrassment. In recent years, the proliferation of social media has further propelled the popularity of “Wedgies”, with countless​ videos and memes featuring people delivering or experiencing them.

There are countless examples of “Wedgies” not only the traditional form of this joke. It would be also impractical to list all the variants of it, however there are few ones that are well known.

The “Melvin” is a variant where a victim’s underwear is pulled upwards to hurt them and cause severe injury and pain to the victim’s genitals. When it’s done to a female, it is called a “Minerva.”

The “Hanging Wedgie” is when someone is hanged above from the ground from his or her underwear.

The “Atomic Wedgie” entails the waistband of the victim’s underwear up and over their head. This variant of the “Wedgie” is a signature prank of a character from The Mask: The Animated Series.”

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