What does Weenis mean?

The words Weenis (also known as weenus) and “Wagina” are used to humorously refer to the elbow bump or elbow pit respectively, although both terms may be used in a more pejorative and sexualized manner.

There are debates online, whether the terms were initially used to refer to the genitalia, or the parts of the elbow, however, the majority of people claim that originally “Weenis” is the skin on your elbow, and only children and adolescents use it as a slang referring to a “penis”.

Despite this, it may be encountered in both senses, either leading to happy confusion or unsolicited triggering.

The expressions also have their alternative, “wussy” which is a combination of “wimp” and “pussy”, although this one is not used for either parts of the elbow.

"I didn't want to do this, but your refusal to pat me leaves me no choice!"


What's the origin of Weenis?

While the exact origin of the term “Weenis” and its alternatives are unknown, they began to see use as a slang term amongst children and young adults around the 1990s.

A likely candidate for the origin of Wenus is the Season 1, Episode 15 of the television series Friends, where Chandler (played by Matthew Perry) is using the term WENUS as an acronym for “Weekly Estimated Net Usage Systems”.

Both “Weenis” and Wagina stared emerging in schoolyard slang around the 1990’s, rendering its exact origin hard to pinpoint.

Both of the terms began circulating on the internet in the early 2000s, spreading as humorous expressions, as well as annoying insults.

Spread & Usage

How did Weenis spread?

The term “Weenis” is not always used to describe that part of the elbow, not even in the mainstream media.

For instance, in a TV sketch comedy Mr. Show with Bob and David, a 1998 episode was titled “Show Me Your Weenis!”.

Influenced by the aforementioned episode of Friends, “weenis” can be sometimes spelled as “wenus”.

“Weenis” was first defined on Urban Dictionary on August 27th, 2003, with countless other entries following in the subsequent years.

Both Wenus and Wagina have become a widely recognized joke online, spreading across social media sites and forums, appearing on image macros and YouTube videos alike.


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