Whip its


What does Whip its mean?

Whip its, whip it or whippets all refer to the same phenomenon; namely ingesting laughing gas, also known as nitrous oxide ether, most possibly from a whipped cream can or any other source.

This method is known to be used for ingesting the gas in the canister for recreational purposes, especially by kids and teenagers, who are too poor or uninformed to get proper drugs, like weed.


What's the origin of Whip its?

The history of nitrous oxide goes back to the late 18th century, when British scientist, Humphry Davy made experiments with the gas, and noticed that it had given him plenty of the giggles, hence the name laughing gas.

Following that, British aristocracy reportedly delved deep into the mysteries of the gas, mostly in laughing gas balls, where the lords and ladies came together to laugh some.

Spread & Usage

How did Whip its spread?

The gas has several practical uses; historically it has been utilized in dentistry, as well as in the creation of whipped creams, beginning in the 40โ€™s of the last century.

This provided curious people with nitrous oxide, which they did not hesitate to ingest, and by 1963, the term whippets entered the English dictionary, referring to the inhaling of laughing gas.

By 1989, it got modified into whippits and a few years later, whip its.

The latest craze about the gas happened, when Demi Moore was hospitalized because of a seizure, caused by it.

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