What does Wook mean?

Wook, Wookie or Festival Wookie is a common sight at concerts, festivals or university campuses, although they themselves don’t attend schooling or take jobs of any kind.

Wooks are said to have derived from the greater hippie family, although the people’s opinions of wookies and hippies differ greatly.

Hippies are more often regarded positively, because of their peaceful and balanced way of life.

Wookies are generally viewed as the opposite, often waking repulsion in people, because of their derelict appearance and behavior.

They are named wooks after the species in Star Wars, because of the amount of hair, that can be found, covering their bodies, though as for me, I find the expression quite derogatory…

The wookies in the Star Wars universe are known for keeping their hygiene…


What's the origin of Wook?

The term, wook was born after the revolution of the love generation, obviously adopting the name of Chewbacca’s species from George Lucas’ franchise.

Although the exact origin of the term is unknown, the common appearance of this archetype at festivals and concerts had long yearned for finding the right name for them, which – looking at their massive body hair coverage – is Festival Wookie.

Spread & Usage

How did Wook spread?

Following the arrival of the new millennium, several articles, threads and sites mention these repulsing, yet fascinating people.

They made it to Urban Dictionary in 2005, where a totally unbiased description can be found about them…

Vice has also published an informative and useful guide, in 2015; How to Spot a Festival Wookie.

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