Woop Woop


What does Woop Woop mean?

The term Woop Woop can refer to a remote town or district which is very far and symbolizes isolation and backwardness.

It is mainly used in Australia and New Zealand, where it means really far away from something.

There are many equivalents of the expression, such as “beyond the black stump” and “dingo woop woop” (also Australia), “the boondocks” (Southern United States) and “out in the sticks” or “the back of beyond” (UK).

In some instances, outside of Australia, “woop woop” can also be an interjection, used as an exclamation of excitement and happiness.


What's the origin of Woop Woop?

The term “woop woop” was mainly used in the early 1900s in Australia to describe a mythical outback town.

According to Wikipedia, the term derived from the nickname that was given to a man whose job was to carry fleeces in shearing sheds.

Also, it was the name of a sawmill near a small town of Wilga in the South-West part of Western Australia, which was abandoned in 1984.

Spread & Usage

How did Woop Woop spread?

Even though the term isn’t as popular as it was in the 1900s; it is still well known.

Various online dictionaries submitted an entry and a definition on the term, including Urban Dictionary, Cambridge English Dictionary, Oxford Dictionary and so on.

The term also gained a global presence throughout the years, and appeared on many social media platforms, such as Reddit, Youtube, Facebook.

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