What does Yassify mean?

Yassify refers to the internet slang term Yassification, which is used for the process of making a photo of someone more and more glamorous and attractive.

The trend can be traced back to Twitter in 2020, where users began sharing photos of famous people and ficitonal characters, that were repetedly edited in FaceApp. 

“Yassify” as a meme derived from the popular online expression Yass, which is an alteration of Yes, mostly used for expressing attraction felt toward someone.



What's the origin of Yassify?

“Yassify” was coined by Twitter user @MINTCHIP in August 2020, however, his account has been suspended since then. “Yassification” appears in a comment to his original tweet, written by @puppyoveralls.

The first image macro meme instance of the “Yassification” process can be linked to the tweet of @yukikaerotica, who modified a photo of Japanese singer Yukika with stickers.

Spread & Usage

How did Yassify spread?

Memes about “Yassifying” characters and people have been popular on Twitter, swarming the site with photoshop edits in 2020, as well as in 2021. The term was also defined on Urban Dictionary in March 2021, solidifying its presence in internet culture.

A significant development in the meme’s history was the creation of the @Yassifybot page on Twitter, who regularly uploaded images of “Yassified” characters. Their work became one of the most known examples of the meme, and they shared their first post on the platform in November 2021.

“Yassify” has also spread to TikTok, where users have been uploading videos of themselves, as well as their pets going through the process of “Yassification.”

“Yassify” is often embraced by the LGBTQ community, although it is not exclusively associated to them.

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