You Love To See It


What does You Love To See It mean?

You love to see it is a generic expression and a meme, usually applied when somebody handles a situation perfectly, or upon achieving something.

The term constitutes as part of Twitter lingo, also a number of various ironic memes exist on the internet, surrounding the phenomenon.


What's the origin of You Love To See It?

You love to see it has been an expression that is widely used in American everyday informal speech since the late 20th century.

Online, the term started to gain popularity on Twitter in 2020, both as β€œyou love to see it”, and β€œyou hate to see it”.

Spread & Usage

How did You Love To See It spread?

Due to its catchy nature, Twitter took up the trend of using you love to see it in various contexts, starting from 2020.

As an example: On May 4, 2020, the account MLB posted a tweet about a baseball match homerun incident, with the caption β€œYou love to see it! A young Yankee fan was given an @TheJudge44 HR ball by a Blue Jays fan.”

As a meme, the expression is often featured with pie-chart graphs in an ironic manner. These memes mostly appear on Twitter and Reddit.

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