What does Youngin mean?

Youngin (plural youngins)  is a common term used around the DMV area, which is Maryland, Virginia and Washington. It’s a country slang referring to a child, kid, or a young person.

It is another way of calling out someone who is younger than you.


What's the origin of Youngin?

This expression possibly comes from the Dutch word for boy: yongen pronounced the same as “Youngin”.

Even with this information, the origin of the term is still uncertain.

It just a kind of expression that not a lot of people use or know about, so determining the origin of this one is harder than for another, more well-known term.

Spread & Usage

How did Youngin spread?

This is a term not so much more different from other ones.

It can very much be that this is a kind of term that spread from mouth to mouth, and more people started using it instead of the word ‘young’ because it just sounds cooler.

There isn’t a lot of information about this country slang, but we can definitely hear it from native English speakers. The first definition on Urban Dictionary was written in 2003.

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