What does 143 mean?

The number 143 holds a special meaning for many people. Some believe it to be a lucky number, while others see it as a representation of love.

โ€œ143โ€ has been around for quite some time as a numeronym, most commonly used to represent the phrase “I Love You”. The numbers are meant to represent the number of letters in each word;

I (1) L-O-V-E (4) Y-O-U (3).

So, if you see someone using โ€œ143โ€, know that they are conveying their love for you in a very special way.




What's the origin of 143?

The legend behind the origin of โ€œ143โ€ dates back to the early 1900s, when the Minot’s Ledge lighthouse in Massachusetts would use a 1-4-3 flash sequence. According to legend, Mary Thompson, wife of Winfield Scott Thompson, a deceased lighthouse keeper, told their children that the flashes were their father’s way of telling them “I love you”.

While the true origins of โ€œ143โ€ are unknown, this touching story has given the number a special meaning for many people. For some, it is a reminder of the love of a family member or friend. For others, it is a sign of good luck. Whatever your interpretation may be, โ€œ143โ€ is a unique and memorable number.

Spread & Usage

How did 143 spread?

The numerical code “143” has been a popular way of expressing affection since the 1980s, when pagers were first introduced. Simultaneously, the code also started appearing online, in early forums and chatrooms. It’s thought to be one of the first Internet memes!

Its popularity remained well into the 2000s, when SMS texting was still a prevalent means of communication, however, following the introduction of smartphones and touchscreens, the popularity of โ€œ143โ€ started to slowly die out.

Today, it is rarely encountered, used by only a few who still remember its meaning, and want to convey their message of affection in secret.

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