What does BIPOC mean?

BIPOC is an acronym for “Black, Indigenous and People Of Color”.

It used to describe all racially oppressed groups in one word, by anti-racism activists.

Black people, indigenous people and other people of color are not treated equal to white people in white communities.

The “BIPOC”activists aim to tear down systematic racism and white supremacy, by giving “BIPOC”people a voice.


What's the origin of BIPOC?

The acronym started out as “POC”, meaning “People Of Color”, but as people realized it does not include all racially oppressed groups, they changed it into “BIPOC”.

It was created out of necessity by anti-racism activism, that has grown significantly in the last few decades.

Even though black and white segregation came to an end in America in the 60’s, the society and government is up to this day giving unfair and unequal treatment to the minorities.

This, along with the general racism in the white society, has forced the minorities, “BIPOC”, to come together and end it once and for all.

Spread & Usage

How did BIPOC spread?

The word is used by activists to unify all oppressed groups under one acronym.

“The BIPOC Project” is an organisation especially focusing on giving “BIPOC”people power, and confidence in fighting against racism and white supremacy.

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