What does DW mean?

The meaning of DW – apart from Deutsche Welle – is “don’t worry”.

Although don’t worry is one of the more well-known and established connotations of the abbreviation, “dw” may still refer to anything from Doctor Who to dishwasher.


What's the origin of DW?

The slang expression was established along with other abbreviations during the 1990’s, when computer technology, as well as the internet and mobile phones were developing at light speed.

The common nature of the phrase “don’t worry” has made it so that the shortened form was quickly spread and recognized by many on the web and is still in use today from text messages to emails to posts on social media.

Spread & Usage

How did DW spread?

“Dw” was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2003, which resulted in the further spread of the expression.

Over the years, more and more people uploaded newer interpretations of the abbreviation, such as ‘dirty whore’ or ‘dildo whip’, although it is still primarily used and recognized as “don’t worry”.

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