What does GFY mean?

The meaning of GFY can either be “good for you” or “go f yourself”.

It is an extremely effective acronym at confusing people whether we are content for their feelings or we want them to perform penetrative intercourse with their own selves.


What's the origin of GFY?

“Gfy” was created around the turn of the millennium, when the internet was a new place of wonder, with its chatrooms, message boards and forums.

During the 2000’s, text messaging became a thing of common nature, further embedding “gfy” in people’s brains.

Spread & Usage

How did GFY spread?

It appeared on Urban Dictionary as early as 2002, with a plethora of definitions written on it since, all reflecting on the ambiguous sense of the acronym.

As of January 27th, 2021, it may be encountered in many places, from text messages from colleagues and family to text messages from friends, not to mention social media or message boards, like 4chan or Reddit, where “go f yourself” is equal to “good morning”.

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