What does GTFO mean?

The meaning of GTFO is “get the f*** out”.

The phrase may be used with varying intentions, from furious to joking.

It can be used forcefully to inspire someone to leave the building or humorously to tell them to quit telling such amusing lies.


What's the origin of GTFO?

Like many abbreviations, “gtfo” appeared in the early days of the internet and was first used on chatrooms and forums.

The SMS technology, that appeared in the early 2000’s had only contributed to the further spread of the expression.

Spread & Usage

How did GTFO spread?

By the 2010’s, “gtfo” became an integrated part of the English language, appearing in memes, social media posts and messages regularly.

In 2015, an American documentary on gaming was given the title of GTFO, along with a 2018 Mariah Carey song and a 2019 horror shooter title.

Today, as of January 25th, 2021, it can be encountered all across the internet, from Reddit to 4chan to Facebook to Twitter and WhatsApp.

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