What does HMU mean?

HMU  is a very widespread internet abbreviation that can stand for multiple things, depending on the context.

The original, most used meaning behind it is “Hit Me Up” used to motivate people to search for your company either by text or by a phone call. Another sense it may have is “Hook Me Up” utilized in scenarios when one asks for contact with someone.

The abbreviation may also stand for – in humorous moments – “Hold My Unicorn”. Don’t search for further meaning behind that though.


What's the origin of HMU?

Hit me up was the one that preceded “hmu” with it being widely used daily. With the spread of the internet and abbreviations, it was waiting to become “hmu”.

This finally happened in early 2009. By April the first Urban Dictionary definition was added. Following that, “hmu” exploded, becoming from nothing to one of the most used shortenings on social media.

Spread & Usage

How did HMU spread?

In 2010, the first instance of “Hold my unicorn” was seen on Urban Dictionary. Ever since that, people have been adding more and more funny meanings to the abbreviation, one fine example for this happening on Tumblr in 2011.

Eventually, “Hold my unicorn” has even gotten its own Facebook site. It also appeared in several memes, throughout the years.

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