What does HWP mean?

HWP is an internet abbreviation, standing for “Height Weight Proportionate.”

It is the secret trick of body weight conscious, chubby thots that are too ashamed to write a few numbers that are referring to their body mass, often resulting in confusion and high levels of distress from the guy’s side on the first date.


What's the origin of HWP?

Just like other acronyms on the internet, it was created in the later years of the 90’s and the early days of the 2000’s, with the first Urban Dictionary entry defining the three letters being added in 2004.

Spread & Usage

How did HWP spread?

Already in the early years of the new millennium, the term was observable on dating sites, but with the 2010’s approaching of apps, like Tinder and Badoo spreading, the cases of encounters with it peaked.

The common experience dictates that the term is misused, and those who are actually height weight proportionate (people with a healthy body weight) rarely use it, since they are not insecure about the numbers shown by the scale.

Instead of them, the main users of the phrase are of course mildly overweight people, who, deep down, are conscious, that they could be toned better, but eating habits are too hard to let go.

It should be noted, that truly fat and extremely obese people refrain from using the acronym.

External resources

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