What does IG mean?

The meaning of IG is either “I guess”, “ignorant” or “Instagram”, all depending on the context.

It is a peculiar abbreviation in the sense, that its meaning had morphed throughout the years.


What's the origin of IG?

The abbreviation appeared on the internet during the 2000’s, and was defined on Urban Dictionary as an abbreviation for “ignorant”, used to dismiss ill-mannered or untutored people on the web.

Spread & Usage

How did IG spread?

Later on, during the 2010’s, the meaning of “ig” was defined on Urban Dictionary and many other online dictionary sites as an abbreviation for “I guess”.

It was at this time, that the photo sharing app, Instagram started to take over people’s daily lives.

An example for all three meanings of the acronym in one sentence:

“Ig it’s pretty ig to post your ideologies on Ig.”


“I guess it is pretty ignorant to post your ideologies on Instagram.”

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