What does IKR mean?

IKR is a frequently used online abbreviation, used for curtailing the phrase “I know, right”.

It is used to express understanding of and agreement with a widely known and accepted concept.


What's the origin of IKR?

While the exact origin of abbreviations is in most cases impossible to trace, many of them first emerged at the beginning of digital communication.

Like other abbreviations, “IKR” first began to emerge in emails and chats in the 1990’s and got more widespread in the early 2000’s, through SMS texting.

Spread & Usage

How did IKR spread?

The phrase, like many other abbreviations got a lot more popular following the rise of social media platforms, which initially included MSN or MyVIP and later Twitter, Facebook as well as Reddit.

“IKR” was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2004, with a plethora of other entries having been uploaded since that time.

“IKR” is still being widely used in digital communication, especially in text messages and social media comments.

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