What does LFG mean?

The meaning of lfg is “looking for group”.

It is how I give voice to my desperately lonely cries on the internet, looking for friends.

Apart from that, “lfg” is usually used in multiplayer games, where one needs to team up for a mission or a quest.


What's the origin of LFG?

The expression can be traced back to the conception of all other abbreviations in the 90’s.

This one was created on sites, especially forums and message boards, revolving around gaming.

Spread & Usage

How did LFG spread?

“Lfg” reached the pinnacle of its popularity with the appearance of MMORPG games, like Runescape or World of Warcraft, where raids, dungeons and some quests required players to team up in order to reap the rewards or simply not die.

As time progressed on toward the 22nd century, online gaming became more and more prominent, and the abbreviation can still be encountered today, as of 2021.

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