What does OFC mean?

OFC is a widely seen and embraced internet abbreviation, used to save time on typing the phrase “Of course”.

It is one of the most commonly encountered internet slangs, not unlike LOL, OMG or FML, however it is not used in a live conversation.


What's the origin of OFC?

Abbreviations like these have been in widespread use on the internet, ever since online chatting and texting became a thing. The very first definition of ofc was published on Urban Dictionary, in 2004.

It has been present in chatrooms and forums first but it quickly gained ground on all platforms.

Spread & Usage

How did OFC spread?

With the arrival of the 2010’s, smartphones came, with touch screens. These, however convenient they may be, are a pain in the ass, when typed upon, requiring all possibilities for cutting out non necessary characters.

Today almost everyone who has ever delved deep into the depths of the internet had seen these three characters on every possible site, from Facebook messenger to Snapchat, to possibly even the deep web… hitmen need to save time texting as well…

External resources

  • Urban Dictionary – Ofc

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