What does OMW mean?

OMW is a popular online acronym, which could represent multiple phrases, depending on the context.

In one case, it may represent the phrase “Oh My Word” which serves as an alternative to saying “Oh My God”, making “OMW” synonymous to OMG in some cases.

However, the more widely used sense of the acronym is “On My Way” used both by the video game communities as well as people who are still getting ready to leave their house.


What's the origin of OMW?

While the exact origin of “OMW” is not known, it first started emerging online in the 1990’s and became especially popular during the 2000’s, with the introduction of SMS technology on phones, enabling people to chat while on the go.

It was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2003, with several other entries written on the subject since that time.

Spread & Usage

How did OMW spread?

With the rise of social media and the expansion of digital communication, “OMW” grew to become the number one phrase, written by people who are late but want to reassure those waiting for them.

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