What does SB mean?

SB is an acronym with numerous different meanings, which became popular in recent years, thanks to a Snapchat feature, called Snap Back.

Apart from “Snap Back” it may also be signifying “Senate Bill”, “School Bus” or the element antimony.


What's the origin of SB?

The most frequent early uses of “SB” as an abbreviation were applied in chemistry, in relation to the aforementioned element, antimony.

The letters “SB” became associated with the element thanks to Jöns Jacob Berzelius who developed the acronym from the word stibium in the early 1800’s.

Over the years, however “SB” grew to have several other connotations, as mentioned above.

Spread & Usage

How did SB spread?

In a modern context, “SB” is widely recognized as the Snap Back feature on the popular application Snapchat, which was first released in 2011, and became an iconic app of the decade.

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