What does SSBBW mean?

The term “SSBBW” is an acronym for “Super-Sized Big Beautiful Woman”, which is used as word or as a tag to adult entertainment videos, where the main woman is overly obese and the sexual partner (man) is usually skinny, compared to the women he is having sex with.

“SSBBW” is a kink/fetish for some men, but not as popular as other kinks and fetishes.

Fun fact: women in these types of movies are usually 2,5-3x the size of their male counterparts.

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What's the origin of SSBBW?

The exact origin of the term is unknown as there is no data about it’s first use or appearance, but if we look at the average health data of people around the world, especially America, it is safe to say, that it has first surfaced in the late 2000s.

The term “SSBBW” refers to a sexual thing, which comes from the modern times, because you couldn’t find obese women around in the 1990s.

Spread & Usage

How did SSBBW spread?

Since today is all about fat-shaming and movements against fat-shaming, these types of videos are everywhere over the internet.

“SSBBW” is probably the brainchild of the whole “feeder” era, where men are aroused by the fact, that they take of their morbidly obese wives/girlfriends and most importantly feed them tremendous amounts of junk food every single day, to keep/make them fatter.

“SSBBW” can be found as a tag on adult entertainment sites all over the internet.

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