What does SWERF mean?

SWERF is an acronym for “Sex Worker Exclusionary Radical Feminist”.

It describes a sub-group of feminists that is against sex work of any kind.

While the majority of feminists support voluntary sex work, where the woman is free to do with her body as she pleases, SWERF’s opposes any sex work to be part of an equal system.

Their argument is that sex work is ultimately always oppressive, as it is based on a patriarchal society.

Others claim that this argument is more often than not just a puritan worldview in disguise.

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What's the origin of SWERF?

The acronym was coined to match another sub-group of radical feminists, the Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists, shortened, TERF’s.

Both directions have gotten major backlash from the major group of intersectional feminists, that supports every woman, with no regard to what they decide to do with their body, gender, and genitals.

Spread & Usage

How did SWERF spread?

The SWERF’s don’t tend to use the acronym about themselves, as it is often a derogatory slang used by other feminists that don’t support their exclusionary beliefs.

There is an inner fight between intersectional feminists and SWERF’s that has negative effects on the ultimate egalitarian purpose of the feminist activism.

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