What does TBC mean?

TBC is a frequent abbreviation, with multiple meanings, depending on the context.

The most recognized and perhaps the oldest sense of “TBC” refers to the pulmonary disease Tuberculosis.

The acronym may also refer to phrases such as “To Be Confirmed” or “To Be Continued”.


What's the origin of TBC?

“TBC” has been in use as an abbreviation for Tuberculosis since the 19th century, when the disease was still rampant across the entire globe and deadly, in most cases.

The acronym was started to be associated with other meanings, specifically, the phrases mentioned above in the 1990’s, when the internet grew more popular and widespread.

“TBC” appeared as the shortened form of “to be confirmed” or “to be continued” on message boards and chatrooms, where stories were shared in texts.

Spread & Usage

How did TBC spread?

During the 2000’s, SMS technology and the rise of social media sites led to the wider adoption of “TBC” in communication, appearing in all different sorts of conversations, ranging from business to casual chats to medicine.

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