What does TY mean?

The meaning of TY as an abbreviation is “thank you”.

It is often defined as a perfect male, someone who makes you pray “ty” to god.


What's the origin of TY?

Like many other acronyms, “ty” was also first introduced to humanity during the 1990’s, when the internet was taking off.

It could be found in messages and other texts on forums and chatrooms, and after the introduction of SMS technology on phones, it became a prevalent component of text messages.

Spread & Usage

How did TY spread?

Since thank you is a phrase, we encounter and use often in our lives, the acronym is frequently encountered and is likely to stay that way.

It has been defined a couple of dozen times on Urban Dictionary since the beginning of the 2000’s, with varying descriptions on its meaning.

Today, we may see “ty” practically anywhere on the internet, from messages to posts and tweets.

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