What does TYT mean?

TYT is a popular internet acronym, standing for the phrase “Take Your Time”.

It is either used sarcastically, to warn someone that their lack of haste costs us precious minutes or sincerely, to comfort someone not to be pressured by time.


What's the origin of TYT?

The acronym originates from the 1990’s, when chatrooms were the brand-new sensation of the web, attracting new users to communicate with each other using acronyms and abbreviations.

“TYT” became more popular in the 2000’s, when digital communication was rushing for its zenith, with the appearance of SMS technology and later, social media platforms.

Spread & Usage

How did TYT spread?

The acronym was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2003, with many other entries added to the word since then.

Today, “TYT” can be encountered online from tweets to Reddit posts and memes, to direct messages.

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