What does WDYM mean?

WDYM is a widely popular internet abbreviation, standing as the initialism for the phrase “What Do You Mean?”.

Alternatively, people may use WYM, the acronym for “What You Mean?”.

A more dramatic version of “WDYM” is WTFDYM adding a swearword for intensifying the question.


What's the origin of WDYM?

The acronym started emerging in the early 2000’s, with the rising popularity of the internet, appearing on message boards, forums and chatrooms.

It was also spread by the appearance of SMS technology on cell phones.

Spread & Usage

How did WDYM spread?

“WDYM” would be first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2007, with a large amount of other entries having been written on the abbreviation since then.

It would become a widely encountered acronym in the 2010’s, appearing in the comment section of social media posts, chats and text messages.

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