What does WYD mean?

WYD is an abbreviation of the sentence “What you doing?” or “What ya doing?” It is mostly used in texting, as well as memes and rhetorical questions.

Fuckboys also tend to use it, most often late at night, when they’re trying to obtain a booty call. A rare cousin of wyd is wud, in which “u” stands for “you” like normally in text speech.

It might also be an abbreviation for World Youth Day, held by the Catholic Church, but that’s not why you are here.


What's the origin of WYD?

The abbreviation started taking over with the appearances of touch screen phones, because it is a torture to type a proper sentence on them – up to this day.

The very first Urban Dictionary definition of it was published in 2009.

Spread & Usage

How did WYD spread?

While wyd always had a steady user base, its popularity increased since 2017, when memes surfaced on the internet, with huge joints dipped in kief and dab, with the question above; “Wyd after smoking this?”

In 2018, another meme featured the abbreviation.

These memes helped the expression spread even further on the internet.

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