What does CmonBruh mean?

CmonBruh is a bona fide emote that was uniquely crafted for the streaming platform Its visage depicts an African-American individual with a tight shot of their face exhibiting bewilderment or amazement.

This particular emote serves as an apt response to any racist remarks made by either the broadcaster or spectators in the chat room during live broadcasts on said entrepreneur’s channel.



What's the origin of CmonBruh?

The origin of the phrase “CmonBruh” remains somewhat shrouded in mystery, but it seems to have emerged sometime during February 2016.

The first recorded instance of this now-infamous emote can be traced back to a tweet made on February 9th by @shofu, who didn’t mince words when he labeled it blatantly racist.

Online sources like Urban Dictionary, as well as Reddit state that the person displayed on the emote is a affiliate, although no one has been able to tie a name to the face.

Spread & Usage

How did CmonBruh spread?

In the realm of, “CmonBruh” reigns supreme as a beloved emote. Its speedy proliferation was due to its uniqueness in context and has since maintained relevance ever since it first came into existence back in 2016.

Fast-forward to today’s date – October 12th, 2019- where StreamElements reports that this iconic symbol is currently ranked eighth on their list of most frequently used emotes across all channels on

It goes without saying that “CmonBruh” holds an esteemed position among the masses!

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