What does Coggers mean?

Coggers is a derivivative of the original Twitch TV emote, Poggers, which is depicting Pepe the Frog with a similar expression to that of Gootecks on the widely popular PogChamp emote; making a genial mixture of the most popular emotes of the streaming platform’s lifetime.

Coggers is different from Poggers in the fact, that Coggers transform the green frog creature into a green cog creature, with the same expression on its face.

It is used to give way to feelings of excitement in an unconventional and slightly surreal way… I mean who would think of an excited and happy frog cog?



What's the origin of Coggers?

The Poggers emote has been part of the Twitch repertoire since 2017 and a year later, FrankerFacez user voparoS_ added the mechanical edition of it.

Spread & Usage

How did Coggers spread?

Coggers is still a relatively unknown emote, with only little over 1400 uses since its upload to the library of emotes of the streaming platform.

Despite this, it is widely recognized, due to its grand resemblance to the Poggers emote, which is one of the more used emotes of Twitch TV.

Coggers has been the matter of discussion on several Reddit threads, due to its bizarre nature.

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