What does FeelsBirthdayMan mean?

FeelsBirthdayMan is a popular Twitch emote, a derivate and a mixture of the widely popular Pepe emotes; FeelsBadMan and FeelsGoodMan.

FeelsBirthdayMan is depicting Pepe the Frog with a smile and eyes his eyes melancholically staring forward. The emote is perfectly depicting the inner expression of the soul in the moment everyone is familiar with; when relatives and friends are all singing “Happy Birthday to you” and you just don’t know what to do in that awkward situation of everyone seeming to care about you… when deep down you know they don’t.



What's the origin of FeelsBirthdayMan?

Pepe the Frog, like all modern day Gods of the internet, has many faces, so it is expected that he has a derivate for Birthdays, that is so fitting.

FeelsBadMan has been present on the internet for quite some time, ever since 2009 and in 2015, the birthday emote of Pepe has been also added to the Twitch repertoire.

Spread & Usage

How did FeelsBirthdayMan spread?

Over the years, FeelsBirthdayMan has experienced a widespread use across the platform, mainly due to its recognizable nature and its relatable content, though it is not nearly as popular as the biggest emotes of the streaming service.

It still became big enough for people to even create merchandize, containing the Frog with a birthday hat. Greeting cards and mugs are sold with the pensive amphibian smiling catatonically.

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