What does ForsenCD mean?

ForsenCD is an emote created for the streaming website as part of the FrankerFaceZ collection.

It features a close-up, distorted picture of streamer Forsen (real name: Sebastian Hans Eli Fors), wearing reflective sunglasses and a moustache, like other streamer Dr Disrespect.

The emote can be used to mock the fans of streamer Dr Disrecpect in the chat room of Forsen’s live broadcast.

There are multiple variants of what the viewers refer to as CD emotes, featuring various streamers the same way as the original emote, however only ForsenCD is officially uploaded/used on



What's the origin of ForsenCD?

ForsenCD was uploaded to as part of a raffle on Forsen’s stream in early 2018.

Some sources say that the abbreviation CD (Cheating Disrespect) comes from the controversy surrounding Dr Disrespect, however others refer to it as take on the way’s text-to-speech system pronounces the phrase “D OMEGALUL C”.

Spread & Usage

How did ForsenCD spread?

As of 10/12/2019 according to the website StreamElements, ForsenCD is the 26th on the list of most popular/used emotes on the website, making it one of the more popular emotes.

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